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Master Thomas financial domination master

welcome slaves to the world of master thomas as i take you in to the realm of  adult entertainment and lust. 

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About Us

short about me


i am better than you in every thing i am master Thomas and i am going to bring you into your own Hell

just  one time and you be hooked the lust i give you and the power i take  from you is all i need to be human. Danger you will be my slave forever  remember that you gay fag


Click  buy now to buy my Goodies if you don't buy any thing then i am going to  hunt you down and beat you like the fag you are hahahahaahhaahha bring  it and send me your money because the more money i make the safer you  are for not getting whipt

number one in the adult entertainment world and i master in bondage and financial domination

what i do

i make you feel like a slave that you are and make you mine. warning i get intence people say they cant get me out of their minds this site is all about me master thomas

some happy people that worship me

 Beautiful and divine. This faggot slave yearns to be under master Thomas' feet. Will be coming for anything (pic, vid) that shows the bottom and the soles of Master Thomas' feet and his masterful condescending face looking down upon me. 

 Well, it's definitely totally worth the money!  There is no better way to spend money than to  buy pictures of a God!  

 Master Thomas rules.. I pray at his feet 

i am your god and i will be here for ever and ever join me into the realm of fun and sin 


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